The Canberra Accord Rules and Procedures lay out a process for accrediting systems to apply for provisional status in the Accord. This is the first step toward full signatory status in the Accord. The process generally follows the following procedures:

Admission of new signatory systems to the Accord is a two-stage process:

  1. Stage 1: applying for and being accepted for provisional status following a successful desktop review of the applicant system.
  2. Stage 2: transfer from provisional to signatory status following a review visit evaluation resulting in a positive recommendation for transfer of status.

A successful admission to provisional status requires:

  1. An application by letter for provisional status supported by nominations from two of the existing signatory systems.
  2. An affirmative unanimous vote, less one, by the existing signatory systems following a successful desktop review of the applicant system by the Secretariat.

Current systems with provisional status include:

  1. The Fundacion para el Conocimiento MADRI+D (FMID)
  2. UNESCO-UIA Validation System for Architectural Education

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