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Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET)

IEET is an authorized professional accreditation agency for architectural programs. Established in 2003, IEET now has the following disciplines within its accreditation portfolio and most of which have been in alignment with the respective international frameworks: architectural education (Canberra Accord: since 2020), engineering education (Washington Accord: since 2007), computing and IT-related education (Seoul Accord: since 2009), engineering technological education (Sydney Accord: since 2014), and design education.

IEET accreditation system is student outcomes-based, and it is via such focus that IEET works to facilitate quality enhancement of architecture programs. While IEET accreditation does not link directly with licensure of architects, the accrediting process is intended to verify that graduates of each accredited program meet the academic requirements for entry to the architecture profession.

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